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Using Hall as the platform for Phoenix conversations

by · January, 19th 2015 · No Comments

Hi all,

As most of you know, there have been some attempts to find an internet-based means of internal communication for all Phoenix members so that we can be more like a community, and which would enable us to share skills, ideas, organise events, rant about stuff… One that wouldn’t require that you disclose any private information and which would be inclusive of all people and devices.

None of the attempts were particularly successful for different reasons (some lacked accessibility, some didn’t support all devices, lacked features…) and so we never found a good way to communicate with each other in a decentralised way, not needing to ask someone in the office to pass on messages or rely on other people to organise stuff; a platform to have group conversations as well as private ones, share our skills…

Until now.

I’d like to introduce you to Hall

hall logoAs with absolutely every service on the Internet, you need to create an account with them, but you only need to register with an email address and a name, which is pretty sweet if you look at what some companies ask you to provide. Don’t worry about them asking for a ‘work’ email address, it’s just that this platform is marketed for work teams; you can still use any of your personal addresses.

You can download the app for your Android or iOS device, or use it on any web browser just as well (it even supports ancient versions of Windows’ Internet Explorer). You can think of it as Phoenix’s private Whatsapp

Some of us from Man Com and Dev Com have been trying it out and found it good for purpose, so if you want to participate in this experiment, please sign up to it and let us know so that we can then add your contact to the Phoenix ‘team’! :D

Look forward to seeing you all in Hall!

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