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Starting a new coop

by · December, 5th 2014 · No Comments

Hi everyone.
As some of you will know I am keen to leave London. This is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have a great support network, amazing friends and you! Good people of Phoenix.
I have toyed with going back north but the weather is a big factor for me as I love the outdoors and like to spend as much time out as possible.

I have expressed my thoughts about having a satellite community ran by Phoenix a number of times during meetings and feel there is a interest by some of the members.

So with this thought in mind i am putting it to the members to declare there interest in starting a new cooperative outside of the London area.

My initial needs are as follows.
Somewhere outside the m25
Affordable homes or land that we can develop with and emphasis on sustainable community living.
Within 1hr train journey of London.
Preferably south of London.

I’m flexible and open to discuss our options.

Please get in touch if you have any positive feedback.

Cheers. Nick

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