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35th Birthday Celebrations

by · January, 9th 2015 · No Comments

Dear All!

Phoenix Housing Coop is 35 years old this year… a milestone definitely worthy of recognition and celebration. The occasion is also an opportunity for us to help secure the future of the coop by extolling its virtues and successes, lobbying and highlighting the general housing crisis in London. Activities therein could perhaps start in June, and continue throughout the rest of the year. This gives us plenty of time to initiate and organise them.

A couple of brief discussions about it at Mancom have solicited ideas such as

  • A party, with food and Phoenix musicians/DJ’s
  • The showing of a feature length film about the housing crisis that one of our members (Claudia) has made, in which Phoenix features briefly; to which we invite our stakeholders and local housing and governmental bods. At the same event we could also display texts and images of key events in Phoenix’s history
  • An exhibition in the OH foyer. One idea is to commission artist-members to make a piece of art relating to this milestone?

This initial post is basically to kick start the process, so please include any ideas and suggestions in the comments below and how you would like to be involved – we’ll need lots of volunteers and contributors one way or another.

We’ll plan some meetings to discuss further very soon :)


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