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Tales of improvisation and rhythm

by · July, 17th 2014 · No Comments

Once upon a time, sometime around the year 2005, perhaps slightly before, Horsemouth and Howard thought it would be a good idea to put together a CD by musicians from Phoenix Community Housing Co-operative. This went so well they decided to do it again to celebrate the silver jubilee of Phoenix’s founding. The CDs were given away free to co-op members and to a few select opinion makers. Kevin Davy (former trumpeter with Lamb) played on one track, as did Nicolina Van Harskamp (winner of the Dutch equivalent of the Turner prize). Steve Corr (of Blythe Power ) played on several. Gertrude (jointly and severally) played, together with many others. Horsemouth and Howard, having put the thing together, played on many of the tracks, but never together.

Many years later (about 2012), Howard picked up a ukelele and began writing songs. Horsemouth joined in on guitar and backing vocals. And so was formed the Musicians of Bremen (taking their name from a Brothers Grimm fairytale on maltreated animals escaping to the music industry). The Musicians of Bremen played their first gig on 28 June, 2014, (a benefit for Focus E15 Mothers, and have recorded their first album (of benefit to the world). They want to play more (if people will let them).

You can hear their music for free on Soundcloud – or live, where there may be a small charge.

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