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Futural counterpoint

by · July, 17th 2014 · No Comments

Edge researcher and Phoenix member, Carolyn Smith, is writing about governmental rationalisations of the future in policy frameworks supporting low-carbon economies, high technology industries and urban computing.

Smith first developed her interest in technology as a web designer in Budapest in 1996, drawing inspiration from the critical art listserve Nettime and Neoist practitioners across Europe and the US. She is conducting initial research as part of her postgraduate studies in spatial planning at the Bartlett School, UCL (

One of her key questions is whether art practice has supplanted the political as the primary resistant and critical space in contemporary society, and what this might enable for thinking beyond prospective catastrophe or displacement. Smith’s recent experiences as a short-life tenant in Phoenix have reinforced her sense of the fragilities of habitation, and need for practice (whether in art or the built environment) to act as counterpoint to biopolitical governmentality. She hopes to publish three pamphlets exploring the future anterior and spatial planning policy – the ‘too late, too soon’ – in January 2015.

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